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Marla Sokoloff had an active filming career during her childhood, and it extends to the present. Currently 35 years old, and after marrying with Alec Puro she had 2 children; Elliotte Puro and Olive Puro.

After playing probably the most unsuccessful role of her whole career as Lisa Janusch in the 2001 film “Sugar & Spice, she kept involved in the acting industry. She has been appearing as main and complementary characters on multiple films through the years, such as:

marla sokoloff            ∞ Starlett Prairie Dogs (2001)

            Marjorie Freshman Orientation (2004)

            Eve StuckleyLove on the Side (2004)

            Sarabeth Cohen The Tollbooth (2004)

            RachelThe Drive (2005) 

            Ruth MayerCrazylove (2005)    

            Julie Larabee Play the Game (2009)

            KiinaBIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (2010)

            Della Gifts for Christmas (2010)

            Meroux Wendy The Chateau (2011)

             Marianne Scents and Sensibility (2011)



Music Career of Marla Sokoloffmarla sokoloff picture in car

Realizing her filmography career wasn’t so successful, Sokoloff decided to explore other options; she got involved in the music industry, as well as in TV shows. She used to be guitarist and vocalist in a Los Angeles rock group called Smittin, where she stayed until early 2004. However, 2 years later she comes back as a solo-singer to launch her first album “Grateful”, which became popular at the moment.




TV Career of Marla Sokoloff

However, she realized none of the those options compare to the success she had in the classic 1993 television show “Full House”  or her most successful role as Lucy Hatcher in “The Practice” during her early years, so she decided to continue participating in that industry. Through her career, she had appearances in multiple known TV shows such as “Friends”, “Crime Scene Investigation: New York”, “Modern Men”, “Desperate Housewives”, and some others. She also had constant roles on other shows such as “Big Day”, and “The Fosters”, along with roles on some TV movies and short films like “A Day with Darkness”, X-mas in Boston”, “Alyx”, and “Flower Girl”.

Marla Sokoloff had recent activity in the TV industry, as she appeared on some very popular shows during the last years, as well as having a consistent role as Dani Kirkland in “The Fosters”. Her most recent appearances include:


actree marla sokoloff picture while walking

× Doctor ChelseaMelissa & Joey

               Season 03, Episode 04 (Can’t Hardly Wait)

× GlendaGrey’s Anatomy

               Season 11, Episode 13 (Staring at the End)

Season 11, Episode 14 (The Distance)


 × ChloeHot in Cleveland

Season 6, Episode 19 (Kitchen Nightmare)



Marla Sokoloff in Present Life

Marla Sokoloff is currently residing in her birth place, San Francisco, California (USA). Currently 35 years old, she lives with her 2 children along with her 41 years old husband Alec Pure, with whom she’s had a 7-years long sentimental relationship.

After 20 years of being offline, the classic show “Full House”, where Marla had a steady role during her childhood, came back on the air as “Fuller House”, being a total Netflix buster. It was rumoured that Sokoloff would have a role again in the show, but Marla made it perfectly clear through her social media that she has no intention of participating in the modern version of the show.

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