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Born in Los Angeles, California(US). Marley Shelton has always been surrounded by fame, as her parents Carol Stromme and Christopher Shelton were famous singers and directors respectively. She is also sister of Sammy Shelton, who is related to the music and acting industries in a famous matter as well. During high school, she was a great cheerleader, she also became the Prom Queen of her school that year.

She assisted the California University, were she studied Film & Theatre with the famous Robert Carnegie and Larry Moss as her teachers. She eventually left the university to start her early acting career, which starts in 1990 with her debut in Grand Canyon, and then skyrockets with her 1993 appearance in The Sandlotmovie.

Early Career – Marley Shelton

Her career then steps through the late 90s with the role in the ’98 comedy movie Pleasantville. She obtained very good marley sheltonfeedback for her acting in the movie, despite the film itself not being very successful. In 2001, Marley Shelton steps her game up with her role in the 2001 comedy movie “Sugar & Spice”, where she portrayed the energetic and smart teenager Diane. Despite this 2001 film was a complete financial failure, Marley once again obtained very good critiques for the interpretation of her character. After this, Marley Shelton kept appearing in other dark humour films, as well as other movies intended for teenager audiences. She was very successful  in this genre, appearing in Valentine and in Bubble Boy that same year. Once again, Marley Shelton obtained flawless critiques for her roles despite both movies being commercially unattractive.

Late/Present Career –  Marley Shelton Movies

In 2008, Marley Shelton took a change in her niche. That same year she obtains the role of the Special Agent Young, who works for the FBI in a British crime & action TV series.  After being released, the show started to receive neutral critiques followed by negative ones. This time, Marley’s interpretation was heavily criticized, as the character she played “lacked life and interest, just like the show” according to the Chicago Tribune review.  She is confirmed to have a main character role in the “Scream 5”as Judy Hicks. While appearing in another multiple movies, Marley Shelton also developed her Television career, where she had consistent roles on various TV shows along with appearances on a few other.

marley shelton hotAfter quitting in 1998, sherevived her TV career in 2004, with her first appearance being the role of Molly Lucas in “Karen Sisco”. She also had appearances in popular TV shows during the late 2000s, one of them being the voice-over of the character Betsy White in “American Dad” during 2005. She then obtains a 2-year role as the character Rachel Young, a doctor in “Eleventh Hour”. This lasted until 2009, where she then continues with her 2010 career and up to the present. In 2011, she appeared back in TV shows:

Marley Shelton TV Series

Tammy Benoit – Harry’s Law (2011)
Season 2, Episode 5

Kate – Mad Men (2013)
Season 6, Episode 4

                                                           Dr. Alison Lennon – The Lottery (2014)
Main Character
Season 1, Episodes 1-10

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