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Sugar & Spice is a 2001 Classic by Francine McDougall, a teen crime comedy relating a story about a friendship between high-school cheerleaders, and how they commit a crime by armed robbery in order to obtain money for one of the girls, who is pregnant and in urgent need of money. For theactors, this movie features Marley Shelton, Marla Sokoloff, Mena Suvari, James Marsden, and Melissa George and the rest.

sugar and spice movie

The Beauty of Teen Plot

The story starts with the known main cheerleader of Lincoln High School, Diane Weston.She then falls in pregnancy from the football team quarterback star Jack Bartlett.

They both decided to leave their parents’ house in order to reside together, away from their family. Jack has a rough personality, which leads him to problems with staying in a constant job, until he is hired by a movie rental.

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Jack and Diane do what they can to keep going, but their problems start appearing with their rent, all of this while they both go to school. Then Lissa appears, a character who is deeply desperate for Jack’s attention. She eventually visits Jack at the movie rental, in attempts to flirt with him. After noticing the repeated visits, Diane started to dislike her.

Realizing how hard it is to sustain in such situation, with upcoming rent problems that they don’t think are able to solve,the cheerleader team of 5 organize a plan to rob a bank. Diane Weston, Cleo Miller, Hannah Wald, Kansas Hill, and Lucy Whitmore are ready to take things to the next level, but they accord not to involve Jack, seeing as he’s a terrible liar and would obstruct the robbery.

To organize their robbery, they watched bank heists movies in order to learn. One of the girl, Kansas, pays a visit to hear jailed mother to obtain information on how to get weapons. Taking the mother’s suggestion, thecheerleading team dice to visit a pest controller, The Terminator, who deals with the illegal arms business and sells ammunition. However, the only way to obtain the guns, is to accept Fern Rogers, her daughter, into the team.

They start to take on the plan, and investigate further ways to perform a bank heist, all of this while practicing their show for the Winter Ball event. After obtaining the masks for the heist, one of the girls, Lucy, backs out of the mission because she obtains a Harvard scholarship. Things just get worse as Jack proposes to Diane on Christmas, and sold his car in order to afford the engagement ring. Seeing as they no longer count with Jack’s car for they heist, they start looking for a new one, and come a long with and old van that has break problems.

In their first attempt, they rob a supermarket. Lissa, who was in the supermarket, noticed the stunts. After this, Lucy decides to join them again. After successfully robbing the bank, they come up with Lucy, who told them she would sell the group to the FBI, so Diane assigns Lucy as the captain of the cheerleader team following Lissa’s request. After having children, Diane tells Jack she won the lottery, to explain all the money she had. After this, Jack wins senator campaigns, and Diane and her team lived happily old after the heist.

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Critiques and Box Office

This early 2000 film was marked as boring and bad, receiving only a 27% score on movie-rating websites online (RottenTomato being one of them). Comments were related to the movie being childish, full of boring dumb jokes that made the movie lacking of interest. One of the commentaries pointed out that they exaggerated the fact of teens using guns, and the movie being too empty for such a complex plot. This movie came in at the fifth position of the North American Box Office, after presenting a $25 million budget, and only reporting a $16,908,947 box-office income, it was called a complete failure. With an almost $8 million loss, profit wasn’t to be found in this movie. It was highly criticized by this event, and killed all possibilities of any upcoming sequels.



This movie was based off a story of 1999 robberies that were performed by a group of teenage girls actress in the Kingwood area of Houston, Texas. Sokoloff said that the stories aren’t the same, he said the movie had mostly its own story. However, he states that if the 1999 robberies wouldn’t have happened, the Sugar and Spice movie probably would not exist.

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