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Streaming Movies Trend ‘Over Taking’ the Teen Population

Almost every single teenager on this planet watches movies. Whether you are a film ‘aficionado’ (addict) or a casual viewer, you watch movies for a variety of reasons. It could be to pass the time when you are bored or lonely, to have a good time with friends with family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or to appreciate good quality films for what they truly are – a storytelling medium. A decade ago, with the surge in internet speed came ways to watch movies online. There are websites with a large library of free movies to watch online. People would download movies and watch them at their own leisure. Nowadays, there is a shift towards streaming films instead of downloading them. However, what is the difference between streaming and downloading? Let’s have a look and find out which one is really better…


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Marley Shelton Acting Career & Movies

Born in Los Angeles, California(US). Marley Shelton has always been surrounded by fame, as her parents Carol Stromme and Christopher Shelton were famous singers and directors respectively. She is also sister of Sammy Shelton, who is related to the music and acting industries in a famous matter as well. During high school, she was a great cheerleader, she also became the Prom Queen of her school that year.

She assisted the California University, were she studied Film & Theatre with the famous Robert Carnegie and Larry Moss as her teachers. She eventually left the university to start her early acting career, which starts in 1990 with her debut in Grand Canyon, and then skyrockets with her 1993 appearance in The Sandlotmovie.


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Melissa George: Actress in Sugar and Spice Movie

Born on 6th August 1976 in Perth, Western Australia, Melissa Suzanne George is an actress who stars in both Australian and American movies and drama series. Born as the second child to a family of four children, Melissa George was the daughter of Pamela and Glenn George a nurse and a construction worker in profession respectively.

Melissa George was initially interested in the field of dancing rather than acting and she studied various types of dancing such as jazz and ballet. She later learnt roller-skating and also became a national roller-skating champion in Australia by the age of 16.


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Marla Sokoloff – Actress & Singer | Facts

Marla Sokoloff had an active filming career during her childhood, and it extends to the present. Currently 35 years old, and after marrying with Alec Puro she had 2 children; Elliotte Puro and Olive Puro.

After playing probably the most unsuccessful role of her whole career as Lisa Janusch in the 2001 film “Sugar & Spice, she kept involved in the acting industry. She has been appearing as main and complementary characters on multiple films through the years, such as:


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Sugar and Spice (2001) The Movie

Sugar & Spice is a 2001 Classic by Francine McDougall, a teen crime comedy relating a story about a friendship between high-school cheerleaders, and how they commit a crime by armed robbery in order to obtain money for one of the girls, who is pregnant and in urgent need of money. For theactors, this movie features Marley Shelton, Marla Sokoloff, Mena Suvari, James Marsden, and Melissa George and the rest.


7 Up and Coming Teen Actors and Actresses to Make Waves in the Silver Screen

Every year, Hollywood film makers introduce to the world a fresh batch of up and rising bailee_madison_png_by_nonamuskrat-d6m47xuteen actors and actresses ready to take on different roles that have made some of silver screen’s most enduring names. While there are literally hundreds of young stars today, the following are showing great promise. And with 2016 already towards the second half, these teens and young stars are sure to hit it big in the next couple of years or so.

Bailey Madison
– At sweet 16, Bailee first began acting when she was only about 7 years old in the film Lonely Hearts where she portrayed Rainelle Downing. She has been credited with working with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire. She also got nominated for a Critics Choice Movie Award for her portrayal of Betty Ann Waters in Brothers, a 2009 feature film. (more…)